Does What You Think, Say & Feel Really Matter?

Is your life on autopilot, in a giant rut?  Are you paying attention to what you are thinking, saying or feeling?

Have you ever used affirmations only to be disappointed?

Consider asking Why do I now attract loving supportive people in my life?  Wait for the answer.  Why am I so lucky?  These questions are similar to Noah St. John’s Afformations.

What else is possible?

Are you specific enough about an outcome, made a firm decision, applied steady faith and get expected and unexpected results?  Do you try to control the how? Or even ask, how is this going to happen?

Because I have been a student of spiritual and religious approaches to these very things, I have noticed where they complement each other without violating very distinct laws and principles. It’s how we interpret what happens to us.

What I have learned is there is that the subconscious is responsive.  It acts like an order taker and says yes to everything.  However. there is only Now in the subconscious, even when we wake the next morning it is a new Now.

Dominant thought creates our reality. As long as you think about not having what you want you will continue to not have it. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Steady faith, dominant thought that is the same as what you want can trigger an expected and unexpected outcome.  Almost like magic, like God answered our prayers.

Also we must be careful because consciousness doesn’t differentiate between you and me.  When you complain or speak negatively of others it thinks you are speaking about yourself.  You’ve heard that when pointing a finger at someone that three fingers point back at you.

“If not now, when?” is from the ethics of our fathers.  The phrase before that is if I am not for myself, who will be for me, if I am only for myself what am I? Once we learn that to be for yourself is all about how we think, feel and speak then how much better our lives might be.

What I will continue to share is how I integrate both religious and spiritual approaches.


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