Mind Movies 2 Reviews Creation Kit

It’s no secret that our thoughts influence the outcomes we get no matter how much we want it to be different.  Let me ask you this, have you ever been successful in totally turning off your thoughts?  It’s not easy to do.

Habitual thoughts equal habitual routine and somewhat frustration when we don’t get what we want.   There’s a reason for this.  One of the roles of the subconscious mind is to keep us safe.
Once we make that decision to change is all well and good, but how many times have those other thoughts influenced the outcome?  It’s like we talk ourselves out of the decision resulting in the same old same old.
There’s many approaches to break the pattern.  Affirmations alone help, visualization and imagining helps.  Over all a multi-sensory approach can have a stronger impact.
It’s the same reason TV commercials with catchy jingles or familiar songs with new words have such a strong impact.  After frequent repetition, we find ourselves replaying the commercial over and over in our heads.
Many people have had success achieving their goals using a vision board.  However, some people are not visually oriented.  They respond better with feeling or hearing.
You may have heard what Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale and Frank Kern had to say about using personal videos called Mind Movies to achieve your goals.
The reason that Mind Movies 2 is different than the first version is it is point, click, and drop. The software has all kinds of images, affirmations and music to make a video quickly and easily.
Best of all these videos are personally customized.  They can be played repeatedly and with a special subliminal software for high impact.  Of course using visuals and music stimulates visual oriented people, hearing oriented people and feeling oriented people for the best results.
Having a tool like this to get the advantage over subconscious patterns has worked for a lot of people including the creator of the Mind Movie system, Ryan Higgins, who went from $70K in debt, working a dissatisfying job to financial and business success.
It’s no secret that successful people use various methods to keep their eye on the prize.  Numerous books, programs, and recordings have been made on the subject.
Many success coaches agree that it takes 21 days to make changes. Keeping a commitment to a habit of writing, saying, looking at affirmations could be challenging.
Views of some Youtube videos are in the millions. Creating a personal video with this Mind Movies 2 is far easier and user friendly than the first version.  It takes away the challenge of committing to watching your personal movie because it is so fun.
Are you ready for reaching those goals and dreams that have seemed unattainable?  You might discover that you will be celebrating success soon.

(personal note – this post is original written by Lynn Wertheimer)

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