Mind Movies 2 Supercharges Your Success

Why has Mind Movies 2 captured the attention and support from such a diverse group of  celebrites and successful people in the personal development and Internet Marketing world?

It has because it is a powerful tool to reach your goals through the power of visualization. It allows you to stimulate the other senses besides the visual because it includes music which involves both the auditory/hearing and kinesthetic/feeling senses.

Best of all creating your personal mind movie is so much easier than the first version that I bought it myself. 

You may remember Bob Proctor from The Secret—and from the absolute gold mine of knowledge he shares all over the globe.

Now Bob sits down with Ryan Higgins from Mind Movies for a
fascinating conversation explaining exactly where effective
visualization begins. He just has such a fantastic way of laying
it all out, I’m sure you’ll get a whole new perspective that will
actually be very exciting for you.  Here’s one of my favorite quotes from this video…

“Even if you don’t believe in it—do it anyway.

My attitude is: if your way isn’t working, try mine. I’m doing all
right. I’m healthy, happy, and I’m wealthy. I earn more money in
one hour than I used to in twenty years. So I must know
something. And I know that this works.”  ~Bob Proctor

If you’re asking, so what does this Mind Movie and visualization tool have to do with being successful online?  Surprisingly enough one of the most successful online marketers, Frank Kern sits down with Ryan.

As a matter of fact, this is EXACTLY how Frank has achieved his “golden touch” when it comes tocreating an incredible lifestyle AND raking in a
ton-o-money hand over fist.

You see, Frank finally is coming clean abouthow he REALLY got to California.

You may think it’s got to be more complicated than this,but you’d be dead wrong. It’s so stupid-simple a Kid could do it.

And it doesn’t have a thing to do with slick sales letters, fancy websites, or even a product.

Nope. It all started with…well, check it out for yourself. It’s really better for you to hear this straight from Frank Kern.

If that wasn’t enough….

The man is John Assaraf, a well-known businessman and participant in the movie The Secret.

You might share a common misconception that The Secret was all about genies in bottles and wishing your way to a new gold necklace.

If that’s your take on it, you’ve really missed the most important underlying message John brought to that endeavor.

You see, John has researched the actual neuroscience behind the Law of Attraction and how visualizations can become a powerful conduit to anything you want to achieve in life.

And I can assure you it has absolutelynothing to do with fantasy or make-believe.

At one point in his life, John left his comfortable life in Indiana, packed up his family, and relocated to Canada. They lived there for about three years,
while their belongings sat silently in storage.

Eventually John and his family moved to Southern California, to a sumptuous home that could grace  the pages of any high-end home design magazine.

And that’s where this gets pretty interesting.

A long time believer in vision boards, John had been creating them for himself for years, with topics ranging from nice cars, to wealth, to
charitable giving, to an extremely modern home he wanted to live in someday.

He’d created the vision boards, which eventually were packed into the stored belongings. That is until it was time to unpack the boxes at their
new California home.

I’ll let John Assaraf tell you the rest of the story—it’s actually quite incredible, especially since the proof is there for you to see that what he experienced is real.

But it’s more than just a fascinating story—it’s a stunning example of what is possible when you truly understand the science of how your brain
works in conjunction with the energy of the universe to create your reality.

Along with the rest of the Mind Mastery Series superstars, Natalie Ledwell will share four powerful steps that will quickly get you manifesting even more effectively…

Because even though the steps are something anyone can do—they are without doubt the essential foundation for creating your most life-changing visualizations.

Natalie explains how these steps have fueled the rapid growth of their business—but the beautiful thing is, you can also use these
key steps for any personal goal you may have.

Whether it’s getting in shape, finding that perfect partner in life, or lighting a fire under your business—the simple steps remain the same.

She also goes into the science behind the four steps—which continues to confirm how powerful the Universe is when you become a vibrational
match to anything you want to attract.

It really DOES feel magical sometimes! And it is oh-so-fun to see things start changing and regrouping to bring everything you need into your life.

You’re also going to hear more words of wisdom and inspiration from our “dream team” of visualization: Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, and at long last, Joe Vitale.

They’re going to answer some of the hard-hitting questions you may have, not only about visualization, but about the power of the subconscious and why subliminal messages can embed your aspirations in your mind so powerfully that they soon become your reality.

Joe Vitale refers to your subconscious as the “command center”
for everything—and when you hear what else these folks have
to say about that, you’re going to deeply understand why this
is so important. In fact, you’ll see why you must begin by
“saying YES” to everything you want in life, so the mysterious
power of your subconscious can truly support your visualizations.

The first thing you need to realize is this absolute truth:

What you think is what you BECOME!

It’s true—but don’t freak out if you’ve been mired down in thinking a lot of negative thoughts, because you really do have the inner power to change your reality.

And it doesn’t have to take years and years either—in fact it can happen very quickly when you do this…

Something else you may want to consider.  You get into a daily habit.  You want to change. But willpower alone often doesn’t work.

Here’s why, your subconscious wants to keep you safe and staying safe may mean staying in your current pattern. So by using Mind Movies you can help your subsconscious say “yes” to your success.

Music has that power – add in visuals of your desires, affirmations, and the power of repetition and the Awesome subliminal tool — it could be magic.  Best of all Mind Movies 2 is super simple to make your own movies.  The Mind Movies 2 Creation tool comes with some bonuses for a limited time.

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